Friday, September 5, 2008

Lahore Clearwater Revival?

Great, my music blog is veering political, but this political post isn't based on my home coutrny.

Issam Ahmed writes in the Guardian:

"Relax, leave everything in Allah's hands, Allah is your guardian," croons Pakistani pop star Shehzad Roy in his latest video, Laga Reh (Keep It Up), while a large crowd collectively turn their heads skyward in anticipation. It is sung, of course, ironically, as an indictment of the fatalistic apathy prevalent today in this troubled land....

Shot against a backdrop of political turmoil, lawyers' protests, and rumours of shifty American intelligence agents allegedly dispatched to spy upon and kidnap innocent citizens, the video is making waves among a Pakistani youth more used to "filmi" Bollywood numbers from across the border and anodyne homegrown love songs.

More here.
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