Monday, March 9, 2009

Jim Bakker edits Rolling Stone

My writing is at time fairly easy to detect, inasmuch as I like to recycle a number of phrases as I write. "This is what he said," "so anyways," and other phrases pop up often. One of my favorite phrases, however, is taken from a Jim Bakker book title: I Was Wrong.

When Rolling Stone assembled its list of the 500 greatest albums of all time in November 2003, the second album on the list was Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. Rolling Stone noted:

"Who's gonna hear this shit?" Beach Boys singer Mike Love asked the band's resident genius, Brian Wilson, in 1966, as Wilson played him the new songs he was working on. "The ears of a dog?" Confronted with his bandmate's contempt, Wilson made lemonade of lemons. "Ironically," he observed, "Mike's barb inspired the album's title."

All in all, this is somewhat ironic when one remembers what Jann Wenner initially thought of Wilson's "genius" claims.

[December 1967 was the] month that Rolling Stone ran an article by editor Jann Wenner unfairly describing The Beach Boys as “just one prominent example of a group that had gotten hung up trying to catch The Beatles.”

Ironically, Wenner's creation subsequently decided that Pet Sounds was better than Revolver, Rubber Soul, and even The Beatles (i.e. "the White Album").

But Rolling Stone still liked Sgt. Pepper better.
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