Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ralph Tomaselli, "Monopoly"

In the course of my flittings around the world, I've had the privilege of following the careers of some local (southern California). One of those groups was Alexa's Wish, based in the Inland Empire of California. I was a neighbor to the bass player/singer, Ralph Tomaselli (in fact, my daughter used to play with Alexa), and attended some gigs over the years, both with their original guitarist and with their new guitarist.

As time went on, Ralph moved away and I lost touch with him, but I continued to check the band's MySpace account now and then. As I did so, I noticed that the number of members in Alexa's Wish decreased, until there was only one member left - Ralph himself.

Then I found Ralph on YouTube. Here's his song "Monopoly":

This is, by instrumental necessity, a softer sound than that performed by Alexa's Wish, but it's still some good stuff.
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