Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Osmond Boys - not the Beastie Boys

I thought I'd check and see who had March 3 birthdays. I did, and I ran across this line:

March 3, 1978 Douglas Osmond, born in Provo, Utah, vocalist for Osmond Boys

Now that's an Osmond that I haven't heard of, and an Osmond group that I haven't heard of. Until now - it turns out that there were four Osmond boys (including the aforementioned Douglas), and that they released two albums a couple of decades ago.

Entertainment Weekly reviewed the band.

Yes, the next generation after the original Osmond kids — Donny, Marie, and the rest — is now with us, in the persons of Michael (14), Nathan (13), Douglas (12), and David (11), the four oldest of brother Alan's eight sons. They've been performing for four years, and on their debut album, Osmond Boys, their boyish voices sound clear, eager, and unpretentious, with just the right touch of teenage scorn when (in ''Reverse Psychology,'' their second single) they pretend they don't care about the girl they like.

While the reviewer only gave a C+ rating to their first album, the reviewer did compare them to another then-famous band:

Song for song, in fact, the Osmond Boys make stronger music than...Wilson Phillips, who've been riding high on the pop charts since the spring.

But the reviewer found a bit of controversy:

In their quasi-hard-rock number, ''All Tied Up,'' the Osmond Boys sing ''you tie me up like a sacrifice.'' Does that mean their album has to be released with a warning sticker?

Obviously the EW reviewer is unfamiliar with "Crazy Horses".
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