Thursday, March 5, 2009

When Madonna Was Hot - "This Used to Be My Playground"

Madonna sings! And she sings a delightful, understated melody.

Now Madonna had tackled slower stuff in the past - "Crazy for You" and "Live to Tell" come to mind - but the results weren't all that satisfactory.

And Madonna was continuing her movie career post-"Dick Tracy." Certainly things were looking up when "A League of Their Own" came out, starring Tom Hanks and featuring a stellar cast. I'm not a movie person so I've never seen it, but even I'm familiar with Hanks' line "There's no crying in baseball!"

Madonna was still working with Shep Pettibone, and (as Wikipedia notes) the song was recorded during the sessions for another Madonna/Pettibone collaboration, the Erotica album. However, the song didn't appear on that album, nor did it appear on the soundtrack for A League of Their Own.

As for Pettibone, his collaboration with Madonna (which began in 1986) would eventually end after Erotica, as Madonna decided to go in a diferent direction for her Bedtime Stories album.

I guess you can say that Maverick used to be his playground. Then again, Maverick isn't Madonna's playground anymore, either.
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