Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shooting their own selves in their collective feet

I have a few music RSS feeds that I read, one of which comes from the Guardian. Inasmuch as it is English, the current tussle between YouTube and the Performing Rights Society is not merely of academic interest to the Guardian readers.

So the Guardian has suggested several things that British YouTube users could do to get their music fix.

One of them caught my eye:

Imagine YouTube but with higher quality videos, fewer "OMG ur AFAG!!!" comments and – let's get serious now – a better logo. That, then, would be Vimeo.

But Vimeo isn't the only one:

While YouTube, the Hoover of the online video world, has become an overused byword for audio-visual content on the web, numerous alternatives are absolutely fine. Just this morning electro-pop musician Frankmusik, so plugged in that he's allowed Island Records to electronically tag his movements around the country in the name of interwebular accessibility, was unfazed by YouTube's decision to pull pop videos, as he webcast from his studio on Kyte.
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