Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Warner Warmed-Over - a new covers album

OK, I know that Warner Brothers is evil, but this sounds intriguing.

A new the dramatically titled Covered, A Revolution in Sound, meant to celebrate Warner Bros. 50th Anniversary. It's unclear if Michelle Branch handling Joni Mitchell or Adam Sandler doing Neil Young constitutes a revolution in sound, but Flaming Lips' heavily psychedelic and percussive take on "Borderline" is at least fun...

Now "Borderline" didn't make my When Madonna Was Hot series, since it was released very early, in her anonymous disco period. Not sure what a psychedelic version would sound like.

Regarding some of the other artists, Branch covers "A Case of You," Sandler covers "Like a Hurricane," and Missy Higgins covers Roxy Music's "More Than This."

More at Stereogum.
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