Monday, May 18, 2009

Eurovision Update - A Fairytale Victory for Alexander Rybak

I followed a FriendFeed thread on the contest on Saturday, but missed the news on Sunday regarding the winner.

Celebratory crowds took to the streets of Oslo on Sunday to mark Norway’s victory at the Eurovision Song Contest, held in Moscow on Saturday night, the Associated Press reported. The victory for Norway came the night before that country’s annual National Day, so the hundreds of people gathered for a National Day parade on Sunday also sang along to “Fairytale,” the winning Eurovision song by Alexander Rybak, above. Mr. Rybak, a 23-year-old singer and violinist, beat 24 other contestants on Saturday night and scored the most points in the history of the pop songwriting competition.

As for Webber/Warren, they came in 5th.

Congratulations then to the man who once conquered the globe with the likes of Cats and Evita and the woman who has made billions writing smashes such as If I Could Back Time and Unbreak My Heart for coming 5th in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Hats off to the BBC too for spending a small fortune of the public's money trying - and failing - to find a song that could beat Azerbaijan.

And here's the winner:

I know you're supposed to pay attention to the songwriting rather than the performance, but dang, I like them there violins. If they ever expand Eurovision to this side of the pond, we're gonna have to enter Charlie Daniels.

P.S. Rybek has an entry on Very little activity, but that will presumably change. See Lordi.
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