Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Perhaps some things do last forever

Any of us who have been on the Internet for many, many years realize that we've often uploaded so many things to the Tubes that we've forgotten half of them. (Remember train simulation fan Robert Scoble?)

So I was surprised to see this May 2009 blog post:

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Music Links

My favorite music sites

Including Ragtime, Dixieland, Blues, Bluegrass, Christian, Classical, Country, Folk, Jazz, Zydeco, Sheet Music, Pianos, Midi, Midi Powered Sites, CD/CDROM Mastering, Radio & Broadcast, Production, Audio Stores, Software, Hardware, E-zines & Publications, Musicians, Community Bands, Record Labels, and Other cool sites.

And what was buried in the MIDI listings? My old Tripod page.

Incidentally, I need to update the "MP3" portion of the page to include Brevity Is.
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