Monday, May 11, 2009

What do Boy George and Jay Kim have in common?

Most of you probably have never heard of Jay Kim, but he was my former Congressman until he was convicted of financial ethics violation and had to spend his last months in the House wearing a tracking ankle bracelet.

As for Boy George, I read this in the Inquisitr:

Boy George (George O’Dowd) was released from prison early Monday after serving only four months of his 15-month sentence....

The 47 year old former front man of the 1980’s pop group Culture Club, will still need to wear an ankle bracelet to keep track of his whereabouts and will have a curfew, as well as report to his parole officer for the remainder of the 15 month sentence.

But Paul Short didn't get into the most important question. Leave it to PopEater to answer that most important question - how did he LOOK?

Looking nothing like the depressed and bloated mess he was before sentencing, Boy George emerged from prison on Monday with a spring in his step, a glimmer in his eyes and more than a few pounds lighter.

Of course, the curfew and ankle restriction raise the question of how Boy George will make a living. Last I recall he was working as a DJ, a profession that doesn't really lend itself to curfews. Plus, the ankle bracelet seems to rule out Manhattan gigs.
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