Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Michael Jackson auction cancelled

Normally in the Empoprise-MU music blog, I try to stick to music issues rather than non-music issues involving musicians. But this Michael Jackson story caught my eye.

Perhaps you heard about the planned auction of Michael Jackson effects? Well, it's been cancelled:

Mr. Jackson hired Julien’s Auctions last year to sell the contents of Neverland Valley Ranch, his former estate northwest of Los Angeles, and the company put together an auction of more than 1,000 items. But last month Mr. Jackson’s company, MJJ Productions, sued to prevent the auction, saying that he had not been given an opportunity to review the items in advance.

Litigation was avoided, and the auction will not take place. But apparently a lot of people are saying "Michael who?"

Mr. Julien had expected a large turnout for the auction, and said that his company invested $2 million to prepare it.

But when the doors opened for the exhibition Tuesday morning, only a few dozen fans and passers-by were on hand.

More here (New York Times).
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