Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Allan Williams prepares to conquer the world...again

OK, this is an interesting way to start off a month, but I'll admit to a bit of curiosity about this one.

Anyone who has examined (or lived through) the history of the Beatles will have heard the story of Allan Williams, known as "the man who gave the Beatles away" (or, as John Lennon put it, "the man who couldn't give the Beatles away." After a payment dispute with the band, he gave Brian Epstein his blessing to manage the group...and things took off.

Well, Williams hopes that lightning can strike a second time. In a calculating move that would make Simon Cowell blush, Williams has assembled a group of Liverpool musicians, some with the requisite art school background, and has even given them their name - the Endies (a play on the word "indie").

Williams has apparently learned from the past, and has not only urged the Endies to "mak schau," but also to come up with the quick quip. Here's a quote from bass player Ian Marshall:

Mr. Williams treats us just like the other band, and has given us meals from the Jacaranda. Unfortunately, the meals are 40 years old, from back when he owned the place.

Obviously the Endies don't play beat music, but those who have heard the music are enthusiastic. Bob Wooler Jr., son of the late Bob Wooler, about what he's heard:

It's not sticky pop, but it will certainly make you pop. It's heavy on the guitar, and they'll make the birds leave the bar.

Short of that description, there's not much known about the Endies' music. But all of that will be changed tonight, when at 9:00 pm Liverpool time, the Endies will play their first gig, fittingly enough in the Jacaranda Club, which still stands in Liverpool.

Even without a note being heard, the Endies are stirring up a lot of debate:

I heard Chris in a previous band, and he is the BEST. DRUMMER. EVER. -Sheila 69970

This is just some job by EMI to flag the last dollar out of the catalog. -x00x 2973

Why do you say that about EMI? EMI has no interest in this band, and probably would never sign them coz their a c--- u-. -Gregory 35624

You know nothing about Endies. Ian, Chris, Jim, and Richie are all talented musicians - I've seen all of them in various clubs - and they'll blow away whatever Gregory listens to. Still got yer Spice Girls CDs, Gregory? -Martha 12

Perhaps we'll hear more about this tomorrow.
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