Friday, April 10, 2009

A Good Friday video

I searched around and found this on Tangle.

This is a music video I created for a Good Friday church service based on the old song "It Is Finished" by Petra. I took most of the images and videos from different "The Bible on video" sources. I hope you enjoy it.

But since Petra is notoriously uncool, and this video will probably be skipped by many, I've also included a Johnny Cash video.

Embedding disabled by request

You'll notice some of the scenes in that last chorus. Some of them were not filmed for the video, but were filmed much earlier:

The face of Jesus appears; first, in a portrait and later in footage taken from Gospel Road, a movie on the life of Christ that Cash produced with his own finances in the 1970s. The graphic crucifixion scene is interspliced with concert footage and cheering prison crowds in order to poignantly emphasize that all of humanity carries the responsibility of Christ's death.

Have a Good Friday.
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