Thursday, April 23, 2009

On Pete Ham

The Music's Over features Badfinger's Pete Ham on the 39th anniversary of his death on April 23, 1975. You probably know how this story ended: the early ’70s the band were caught up in a legal nightmare with their former management that left the members broke. It all became too much for Pete Ham who hanged himself in his garage on April 23, 1975 at the age of 27.

More here.

And in my old mrontemp blog, I previously linked to this account of Ham's band:

The story of Badfinger is one of the saddest and most unfair tales in rock and roll. Other artists may have struggled, been ripped off, suffered needless pain, and gone unrecognized for their talents, but rarely did one artist (or group) have to withstand all of this at the same time.

But why do we still talk about Badfinger? Not only because of the two suicides in the band, but primarily because of the music.

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