Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tori Amos and 360 deals

In this blog, I've talked at various times about 360 deals. Turns out Tori Amos has the clout to reject them:

Amos is fully aware of her own strength as an artist. When she sat down with Universal Music Group chairman Doug Morris to discuss her Universal Republic deal, her longevity and devoted fan base gave her considerable clout. Amos, who has her own publishing and merchandising companies, was firm about not wanting a so-called 360 agreement, or multiple-rights deal, in which recording artists share not just revenue from album sales but concert, merchandise and other earnings with their label in exchange for more comprehensive career support.

"Tell me the upside of a 360 deal unless it's about $100 million?" she asks rhetorically. "I have to give half of it in tax, and a huge percent to my attorney, and then that's all I've got? And someone else owns songs I haven't even written yet?"

More here.

Only problem is, most artists don't have the clout of Tori Amos, so if you want a major label deal, you'll have to cave.

Assuming you want a major label deal.
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