Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Follow-up on the Empoprise-MU April Fool's post

No, despite what I said in the post Allan Williams prepares to conquer the world...again, Allan Williams is not managing a new group called the Endies.

Incidentally, a bit more about Allan Williams: I didn't realize that a musical had been written about him.

Many regard Allan Williams, the self-proclaimed ‘man who gave the Beatles away’, as rock’s ultimate loser, the small-time coffee-bar owner who missed out on millions. The Man Who Gave The Beatles Away, a new musical by Irish playwright Ronan Wilmot, running at the New Theatre in Dublin from October to December 2002, shows, very affectionately, that he wasn’t the man for the job and was better suited to running slightly shady clubs in his beloved Liverpool. The play features both a young and an old Allan Williams (Darren McHugh and Pearse Butler, respectively) and when the younger man asks the other, "Was it worth it?", he responds, "You bet."

One odd thing about the musical:

Three of [Pearse] Butler’s sons are in the band - Kevin (John Lennon), Daragh (George Harrison) and Damien (Tommy Moore, Norman Chapman and Pete Best - presumably Beatle drummers before Ringo Starr were interchangeable!).

Which brings me to some sad news. While I was trying to come up with ideas for the April Fool's post, I ended up reading a bit about Tommy Moore. Sadly, he died in 1981, but his post-Beatles life wasn't consumed by bitterness. Andalucia:

he moved to the Belle Vale area of Liverpool and i would see lots of him. He was never bitter about leaving the band. he had all the albums and would tell me tales about them.He took me to my first Beatles convention and got me really hooked.Sadly Tommy died in September 1981. Only 11 people came to his funeral. Bob wooler was there and spoke highly of Tommy.

And, according to a post in this thread from Bill Harry (THE Bill Harry?), Norman Chapman has also passed away:

Norman said that he did not regret being 'called up' for his national service. On his return he became a teacher in the south of England and used to fascinate his students with tales of his brief spell with the Silver Beatles. He continued playing drums and was a member of a trio when he died in 1995 at the age of 58.

Pete Best is still living, still playing, and has his own website.

I could not find an official website for Allan Williams, but I did find this video of Williams with another band. The Shouts. A Beatles tribute band.

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