Friday, April 3, 2009

More on figure skating music

I've previously talked about figure skating music, but here are links to a couple of the companies that specialize in assembling music for figure skating routines.

Professionally edited figure skating music using state of the art equipment creates a seamless skating program so that you can blow away the competition. Our 100% digital editing process eliminates pops, clicks and audio tape stretch which gives you perfect music every time. We can amplify, pan, cross fade and change the pitch or tempo of your program to fit your needs. Our figure skating clients include US national competitors, Austrian National champion, US Adult National champion, regional and sectional medalists. Quick, one week turn-around for custom edited skating programs and two day turn-around for precut figure skating programs reduces your down-time due to lack of music.

My observations of many figure skaters have led me to believe that their coaches are absolutely masterful in picking the right figure skating music for them but are using archaic methods to assemble the cuts. Other figure skaters and coaches are starting to dabble in digital mixes on their computers as there are many easy to use programs available but "easy to use" does not guarantee "easy good results". It really takes a knowledgable musician with a good ear and technical expertise to produce a good quality product. I went to a very prestigous local competition recently and I was amazed at the terrible music mixes being used by higher level figure skaters. I saw dresses that probably required mom & dad to take out a second mortgage on the house but the music was mixed on a 30-year-old cassette tape recorder and put on a 29 cent cassette. Senior figure skating programs are choreographed down to the smallest detail. Isn't the figure skating music a detail too?
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