Monday, April 20, 2009

Record Store Day follow-up

I mentioned Record Store Day in a post in my Inland Empire blog, but I personally didn't participate so I missed much of what went on. I did, however, read about the aftermath on a national level.

From New York:

The exclusives I was trying to snag sold out long before I even got to East Village institution Other Music. Fair enough, early bird gets the Beck/Sonic Youth split 7". Yet there was still a line just to shop in the store! ... DJ sets by Grizzly Bear, The Pains Of Being Pure Of Heart, and The Raveonettes ultimately soundtracked my shopping experience, which was was worth the wait.

From Chicago:

Billy [Corgan] went shopping at his favorite record store, Vintage Vinyl in Evanston, IL. He didn't know it was Record Store Day, though! Just a coincidence. Billy Corgan doesn't need a holiday to support indie record stores.
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