Monday, April 13, 2009

What they didn't clarify about Vevo

Peter Kafka's MediaMemo carried this story:

It’s official: The world’s largest video site and the world’s biggest music company are joining up.

Google’s YouTube (GOOG) and Vivendi’s Universal Music Group (V) will be launching a new site, dubbed Vevo, which will highlight UMG’s videos.

More here, including the original press release, which said, in part:

In addition to VEVO, YouTube has renewed and extended its successful partnership with UMG that allows users to continue creating and watching user-generated videos containing UMG sound recordings and Universal Music Publishing Group’s compositions on YouTube through various territories around the world.

That item, buried in the press release, is the only hint that the agreement will apply outside of the United States.

But will it apply in Britain and Germany? The BusinessWeek article doesn't clarify this issue, nor does Peter Kafka's follow-up.
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