Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big in Japan (no, not the song, the company)

I just realized that the good thing about this blog is that it allows me to exercise my passion for titling blog posts with song titles. Of course Extreme Mortman has done this a lot, and I stole the idea for this particular song title from Frederic Lardinois at ReadWriteWeb.

The popular UK-based music streaming and discovery service announced that it has expanded its on-demand listening and streaming radio services on the Japanese version of the site with content from Universal Music, IODA, The Orchard, and CD Baby. According to, this means that its Japanese outpost now has close to 3.5 million tracks available on its streaming radio service, which makes it the largest free streaming music service in the country.

But when I shared this item on FriendFeed, that wasn't the part of the announcement that received the most attention. Michael W. May noticed this little tidbit:

One interesting piece of information in's announcement is that it has increased its click-through sales in the US and UK by 119% since launching its free on-demand service in January. Not only does this provide a significant revenue stream for, but it also shows that giving listeners access to the complete song instead of just the standard 30 second clips will actually make them more likely to buy the song. Currently, allows its users to completely stream every song three times - after that, it also switched to the standard 30 second clips.

The Japanese launch of is also discussed at and, the latter including a canned press release quote from Felix Miller ( CEO):

We're hugely excited to be able to offer free streaming music to our Japanese community for the first time. This is an incredible opportunity for us and all of our partners in one of the largest and most exciting music markets in the world. Our deals with Universal and the independent labels and aggregators who have teamed up with us allow to offer the Japanese community an unparalleled catalog of tracks through a music experience that is unmatched in the Japanese Web space.

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