Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No, Paula Abdul was not invited to sing at the Democratic convention

One other musical guest will appear at the Democratic convention - Jennifer Hudson.

PopEater dwells on the fact that Hudson is getting more serious consideration as a musician than, say, Clay Aiken:

How many 'American Idol' contestants have won an Oscar? One -- Jennifer Hudson. How many 'Idol' hopefuls have sang the national anthem at an election year convention? Soon to be one -- Jennifer Hudson.

Hudson's reps tell PEOPLE that the Academy Award-winning 'Dreamgirls' standout who was booted off of 'Idol' will sing the 'Star Spangled Banner' on Thursday evening at the Democratic convention -- the same night Barack Obama speaks and officially accepts his party's nomination.

Clay Aiken is not touring at this time, although he has an excuse.
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