Saturday, August 16, 2008

Those Damn Twins, "Polar Bear"

This song came up on my feed on Friday. You can hear the song at the Those Damn Twins website, and read the lyrics. It's an interesting, mellow mix of acoustics and non-acoustics with alto vocals, not to be confused in any way with Kool & the Gang.

Sample verse:

I had a dream with you in it
We got into a rocket ship
and fell into some orbit

All of the lyrics are here.

Unlike the Thompson Twins, Those Damn Twins are twins, and there are even exactly two of them. They even have a bio:

Thomas and Lisa Logan are from Raleigh, North Carolina. Delivered via caesarian section, they came out ready to entertain.

Although they may not have been that talented and mellow at birth. Or perhaps they were, and they were like this:

(Yes, these are Julia Roy's kittens, Mack and Tosh. Since Those Damn Twins started with Apple technology, perhaps they'd appreciate the music.)
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