Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Introducing the Empoprise-MU blog

As some of you may know, I am setting up a series of blogs under the "Empoprises" banner that are devoted to particular topics.

The first two Empoprises blogs that I set up, Empoprise-IE and Empoprise-NTN, were devoted to topics of relatively limited interest. These blogs, respectively, cover the Inland Empire of California, and the games and related products that are available under the NTN Buzztime brand.

This blog, while devoted to a particular vertical topic, isn't quite as limited, since the focus of this blog is music.

All kinds of music.

The more variety, the better.

So why am I qualified to write this blog? I could state the obvious - namely, the fact that I listen to music - but perhaps I should mention a couple of music-related things that I've already done online.

I blog under names under the Empoprises name, and currently my main blog is a blog called mrontemp. This blog covers a variety of topics, ranging from technology to religion, and it has covered music also. A lot. Since February 2007, I have written 368 posts that were in some way involved with music.

So you can tell that I can be verbose on the topic, but do I contribute to the music community? I believe I do. I am the creator of the lastfmfeeds room in FriendFeed, in which a number of us share the names of every song that we listen to via As of today, 36 people are sharing their feeds in this room, commenting on the musical likes of others, and learning about new music.

So even if you don't read this blog, and even if you don't use, I encourage you to visit the room. If you love music, you'll have fun. You'll find me in the room under the name "Ontario Emperor." (Long story.)

So I hope this helps set the stage. We'll see how this blog evolves, and hopefully we'll have fun doing it.

(And I'll wait a bit before springing that Slim Whitman-Brian Eno theory that I've had for a while.)
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