Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Things My Finnish Daughter Gave Me - Basshunter, LOL <(^^,)>

Since I'm listening to this again, and since I recently wrote a song parody based on it, I might as well blog abouti t.

If I recall correctly, my Finnish daughter (i.e. former exchange student) had posted the Basshunter song "Boten Anna" on her MySpace page. When I told her that I liked it, guess what I got for my Christmas present that year?

(If you're unfamiliar with "Boten Anna," I previously posted a video of the song with English subtitles. Or you can hear it on last.fm.)

The songs on the "LOL <(^^,)>" CD alternate between songs that are sung and songs that are not. The ones that are sung, such as "Boten Anna" and "GPS," are usually sung in Swedish and tend to be more on the melodic side. The ones that are not, such as "We Are The Waccos," consist of short English phrases over a throbbing dance beat. One anomaly is an English-language version of "Jingle Bells."

One thing that struck me when I read the liner notes was Altberg's wonder and joy at his sudden rise to fame. (I previously linked to the story.) This is what he said:

Let me tell you...

It's amazing how my life has changed in just a couple of weeks.
And something more fantastic is how [I] got there.
From nothing to everything I've ever dreamed of. But what have I done to deserve this?

After marveling at how people recognized him, Altberg continued:

If you take all the [positive] words and experiences and put them together in to one "super-word"
That would be the word to describe how I feel right now.
If you read this you should know it's because of you!

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