Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why was "Piece of Me" nominated for three MTV Video Music Awards?

Pop Eater notes that Britney Spears received a Video of the Year nomination for "Piece of Me":

This is Spears third nomination for this year's VMAs; earlier, fans nominated her for best pop video and best female video, both for "Piece of Me."

Spears' nominations are ironic considering the neither the song nor the album from which it came, "Blackout," were significant hits; both were released amid Spears' spectacular public decline over the past year, and her performance at last year's VMAs in Las Vegas represented one of the lowlights of her fall from grace. She was universally ridiculed for her unkempt look and sloppy performance, which kicked off the VMAs and instantly became one of pop's classic moments.

Now one could argue that sales performance should have nothing to do with whether or not you are nominated for an award. But then again, this is MTV.

Is "Piece of Me" an artistic triumph? Judge for yourself.

Personally, I think "Lucky" was better musically, and addressed the subject matter better lyrically.

So why did "Piece of Me" get nominated? Perhaps MTV feels responsible for last year's fiasco, and this is a make-up award. Or perhaps MTV likes the notoriety.

Or perhaps MTV just likes Britney's body.

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