Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Ravelers head to Chino Hills

I already talked about the Ravelers' appearance in La Verne today.

According to their website, the Ravelers will also appear in Chino Hills shortly:

Wednesday, August 27
Make the Richter Scale rock at Chino Hills Concert in the Park!
Crossroads Park
Chino Hills Prkwy & Eucalyptus
Chino Hills, CA
The Ravelers play 6:30 to 8:30pm.

So who are the Ravelers?

How long have The Ravelers been together?

The Ravelers have been together as a band since November 1987. However,
we have known each other, and have played in other situations together for over 20 years!

How did you get the name, The Ravelers?

We love The Beatles...and if you were in The Beatle Fan Club, you received a special Christmas, or birthday greeting from them on record. On one of these records, George was heard saying,
"...Plenty of Jam Jars, by The Ravelers."
Pat and his brother Steve, and friend Dale who both sit in occassionally, thought that would be a cool obscure way of being related to The Beatles, so the name stuck.
George was acting like a DJ on a radio station, and announced that fictitious song by "The Ravelers", a fictitious band.
The Beatles then go on to "sing" a really bad song called, "Plenty of Jam Jars"....

Who is in The Ravelers?

Hai Muradian - guitar, sax, flute, vocals
Pat Naish - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Martie Echito - keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals
Rob Haerr - drums, webmaster

More on the FAQ page.
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