Thursday, August 14, 2008

Things My Granada Hills Dormmate Shared With Me - Brian Eno, "Another Green World"

I had never heard Brian Eno until I arrived at Reed College in the fall of 1979 and one of my dormmates had a copy of "Another Green World."

In retrospect, this is probably as good an introduction as any to Eno's work, since at this point he was straddling between rock, ambience, and whatever else he was thinking about.

Steve Huey has said the following about this album:

A universally acknowledged masterpiece, Another Green World represents a departure from song structure and toward a more ethereal, minimalistic approach to sound. Despite the stripped-down arrangements, the album's sumptuous tone quality reflects Eno's growing virtuosity at handling the recording studio as an instrument in itself (à la Brian Wilson).

More from Huey here.

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